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5 Delicious Sides to Serve with Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma first gained popularity in the Middle East and has become a delicacy worldwide. The meal, cooked initially with lamb or mutton, can include beef, turkey, chicken, and veal. It's a delicious and adaptable food you can have as a snack. It can also be served as the main course, but you will also need some side dishes. So why go elsewhere if you adore Chicken Shawarma in Riyadh and are still deciding what to have with shawarma? Here we have listed the most excellent side dishes to enjoy with shawarma.

1. Sweet Chili BBQ Sauces

Whatever your desire is, we've got a sweet chili BBQ sauce to satisfy it. However, we won't have to brag since your taste senses will do it.

It may be used as a dip for Chicken shawarma, a basting sauce for fries and chicken burgers, or even a wrap basis.

2. Tahini Sauces

Tahini sauce is a versatile condiment used in savory foods. It is made of crushed sesame seeds, tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice, and water.

Our Tahini sauce has a deep flavor and a delectable taste that will have you putting it on everything!

If you visit Grill-It, the best shawarma restaurant in Riyadh, you will find this tahini sauce unique as it shines on shawarmas, sandwiches, meat burgers, and salads and can be enjoyed as a dip with your favorite fries.

3. Garlic Sauces

This sauce complements steak and fries perfectly. Serve with fresh shawarma for a delicious supper. It's rich, creamy, and full of garlic taste, and it's ready to enjoy with everything!

Because of its richness, this garlic sauce is more akin to a spread. It's often used to top grilled chicken, shawarma, and other Middle Eastern foods.

It goes well with grilled meats and chicken burgers. However, when looking for Riyadh's Best chicken shawarma, garlic sauce is something you must try.

4. Cheese Sauces

Our cheese sauce has a silky smooth texture and mild flavors that the whole family will enjoy! The tastes are gentle enough that kids will go crazy for it, but it can easily be spiced up to make a more vibrant sauce for nachos. It's so delicious that you'll forget everything else!

This simple cheese sauce recipe is a game-changer and far superior to store-bought varieties! You can also try cheese sauce on chicken and french fries because it's adaptable.

5. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese melts well, making it an excellent choice for cheese sauces, sandwiches, and shawarma. It is often found paired with ham in omelets and savory pastries and stuffed in Chicken Cordon Bleu. Slightly aged Swiss is added to a cheese plate, fruit, nuts, and bread.


Any side dish would go well with chicken shawarma because it is versatile.

Whatever you choose as a side dish, make sure it goes well with the shawarma. You may offer anything from pita bread to roasted potatoes and rice pilaf.

Therefore, these five delectable side dishes are worth a try if you have yet to decide what to offer alongside your chicken shawarma platter.

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