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Sliders are a favorite takeaway option, and also gourmet creations that many love to gather around. 

Let’s shake up a little to find what’s there in the box.

Presenting the Gathering Box consisting of six delicious sliders with two buckets of fries and special sauces that will satisfy your craving and make it the perfect choice for family meals and small gatherings. A classic burger lover knows how to enjoy the meal with a favorite wagyu burger in one hand and fries dipped in sauces in the other hand.


Delight your gathering with the Gathering Box from Grill It. Choose the nine or six sliders box according to the size of your gathering and enjoy the great taste!


Enjoy 2 Grill it wagyu burger sliders, 2 wagyu classic sliders, 2 mighty meat sliders, 2 French fries and a selection of special sauces.

Are you hungry? Order the bigger Box! Enjoy 3 Grill it wagyu burger sliders, 3 wagyu classic sliders, 3 mighty meat sliders, 3 French fries and a selection of special sauces.

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​Sunday - Wednesday:  12:00pm - 1:00am

​​Thursday - Saturday:  12:00pm - 2:00am​


Our high-quality standards and solid professional services have helped set up our food among Riyadh's best munching zone.

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